Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hey there!

Let's get to know each other, I'm a 20 something who is on a mission to lose A LOT of weight, about 170 pounds to be exact.  I need to get healthy to live longer, in the past year and a half I have gained 80lbs, I was of course still overweight before but nothing like this!  The weird thing is...I didn't even notice!  Not really, I got pregnant and after I've had the baby I have just slowly been letting myself go and I stay in stretchy sweatpants most of the day which I know from What Not To Wear is a mistake because they stretch and you don't notice gains as much.  While I realize that most people lose weight to feel more attractive, mine is for health.  My husband hasn't been able to keep his hands off me at any weight I've been since we were together.  I also do realize that part of it is I want to feel better, it's been getting harder and harder the bigger I have gotten to convince myself I'm hot.  I still do, just not as often.  I finally let the doctor tell me what I weigh and I wanted to die.  Over 300 pounds!  I remember when I got over 200 lbs!

My starting stats (weigh ins and possibly pictures on Wednesdays)
Height:  5' 2"
Weight:  317.4
BMI:  58 (are you serious???)

Neck:  16
Arm:  21
Bust:  52
Waist:  49
Hip:  60
Thigh: 33
Calf:  21.5

We must fix this!  Or rather I must fix this.  I'm trying to weigh 150 pounds which is still overweight for my height but OH MAN if I can make that goal I can do ANYTHING!

Secret Fat Girl (although I'm sure it's not a secret!)

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  1. I so need to loose weigh too(somewhere in the 80 -90lb range). I just haven't figured out the exercise thing. I never get the support I need to do it. Having four kids makes it really difficult, but I really don't want to wait until my youngest is in school. UGH!

    Good Luck in your weight loss journey. I may not have a great support system, but I can be pretty good at giving support.