Thursday, May 20, 2010


Maybe we should just start to make this Thursday weigh in! 

Sorry the posts are sparse, I write another blog and there is a lot going on over there with Mission Monkey and Daffys sister and I'm just really more focused on that.

I worked out once this week, I feel like I failed myself but I have been flat out exhausted between baby, husband, family and other things I haven't found the time.  I realize that now that I'm a parent that will happen a lot more but I really need to focus on taking even 15 minutes a day for myself to work out.  Even 15 minutes is 15 minutes.

The number is:
318.4 which is...a loss of .4 lbs
neck 16  -.5"
bust 43.5  -.5"
waist 48.5  +.5"
hips 59  same
arm 21  same
thigh 33  same
calf 21  same

Total -.4lbs and 1"

Slow but I was ok since I barely worked out and have been stressed! Woo!

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