Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weighty Wendesday!

Short and sweet because Flabby has some things to do today...laundry, child time and returning raspberries.  I bought them yesterday, brought them home and one is moldy!  Eww!  Lesson learned to check my berries!

Weight 317.9 which is a loss of... .5 lbs

Neck 16...same
Bust 43.5... -.5"
Waist 48... -.5"
Hips 58.75... -.25"
Arm 20... -1"
Thigh 32... -1"
Calf 21... same

So that's a total of .5 lbs and 3.25" which is AWESOME and suprising because Mother Nature and her gift of bloat arrived a few days ago!  WOO!